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Refufin project

RefuFin's chat in Telegram 🇵🇱 Poland - 🇫🇮Finland. Here Ukrainian refugees can find latest updates on available buses, check bus schedule and book a places to move from Poland to Finland. 



House of Helsinki members are educated and experienced specialists in the field of in integration, social and healthcare. Due to the war in Ukraine, we have formed a team of 40 volunteers that coordinate Ukrainian refugees to travel from Poland to Finland. Our main objective is that Ukrainian asylum seekers arrive in Finland safely and that they are granted access to support networks which are already available in Finland.


Ideal outcomes of the Refufin project:

  • Ukrainian asylum seekers arrive in Finland safely and are granted access to asylum cycle

  • Ukrainians that intent to stay in Finland will receive support integrating into Finnish society

  • Ukrainian asylum seekers get needed personal guidance and support through the process of applying for asylum status or temporary protection in their own language. Read more at Migri.

Results & Reach since 28.2.2022


Ukrainian refugees have safely arrived to Finland


Trained volunteers, that provide mental support and guidance


Ukrainian refugees have been in contact/been guided


Journeys from Poland to Finland primarily via busses, airplanes and cars coordinated


House of Helsinki
since 2019

With the help of REFUFIN volunteers and partners

we safely transported 2086+

Ukrainian temporary protection or asylum seekers

from Poland to Finland, Estonia and Latvia.

Main activities


Volunteer co-ordination & service and travelling guidance/advice and mental support for Ukrainian refugees, by trained volunteers


International cooperation with stakeholders that want to help. example: Companies, governmental and Non-profit


Training and mental and peer- support system coordination for volunteers


Mapping out and surveying of integration needs of Ukrainian refugees

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