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REFUFIN project

Refufin 2023-2025 is a project aimed at providing guidance, counselling, and support services to individuals who fled the war in Ukraine and now reside in Finland. The project also includes training for volunteers and the production of support materials. Project was relaunched in February. 

The project is funded by STEA (Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations) 

Read more about our project here 

For Ukrainians🇺🇦 🇫🇮

What we offer.

Online help: We offer online assistance from our volunteers, who are available to answer any questions and provide support remotely. 

Materials and information: We provide access to resources and information that can help refugees better understand their rights and the services available to them. This includes translated materials, online resources.

In-person assistance offline (currently working on, planned by 2024): We are working on a plan to offer in-person assistance, where volunteers can meet with people and provide support directly. 

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What we offer.

Training: Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn new skills and expand their knowledge in an area of interest. 

Materials: We provide access to resources and materials that will help volunteers better understand the issues facing the people our program serves, and how to address them.

Support: Volunteers will receive guidance and support from experienced members of the team. Our goal is to help each volunteer feel like they are part of a community and receive the support they need to grow and develop.

Workshops: We offer workshops and seminars for our volunteers to help them improve their skills and gain new experience. 

Events: We regularly organize events where volunteers can meet and network with each other. This is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people who share your interests and values.

Skill development: Our program offers volunteers the opportunity to develop and improve their skills. They can learn how to work in a team, communicate with people from different cultures, and develop their leadership qualities.

Contact information

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Darya Gulik

Nikolay Gofman

Project Coordinator 



Refufin volunteers will provide support and assistance to Ukrainian and Russian speakers who have fled the war. We want to make sure that they receive support and assistance from the Finnish authorities. 


Refufin volunteers are capable of recognizing their own abilities, and wellbeing and evaluating their own performance mindfully while volunteering.

Main activities


Online help and advice via an anonymous chat
A trained volunteer will offer discussion support and provide individual support online..


Trainings and support materials for volunteers 
Volunteers will receive training, support and certification for the volunteerwork. 


Support person activity – Refuhelper volunteer
A trained support volunteer provides individual counselling and is a supporter in a
longer-term support relationship, face-to-face or online


Coordination of volunteers 
Volunteers will be coordinated, assigned tasks and supported individually. 

Past results and reach during 2022 


Ukrainian refugees have safely arrived to Finland


Trained volunteers, that provide mental support and guidance


Ukrainian refugees have been in contact/been guided


Journeys from Poland to Finland primarily via busses, airplanes and cars coordinated


With the help of REFUFIN volunteers and partners

we safely transported 3000+

Ukrainian temporary protection or asylum seekers

from Poland to Finland, Estonia and Latvia.

Main activities of year 2022 


Volunteer co-ordination & service and travelling guidance/advice and mental support for Ukrainian refugees, by trained volunteers


International cooperation with stakeholders that want to help. example: Companies, governmental and Non-profit


Training and mental and peer- support system coordination for volunteers


Mapping out and surveying of integration needs of Ukrainian refugees

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