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Ethical Guidelines 

House of Helsingin Ry's Ethical Guidelines.

House of Helsinki ry employees, volunteers and stakeholders act in a responsible, sustainable and long-term manner. We must all act ethically and respectfully. This a is a guideline and supporting document to which everyone involved in House Of Helsinki activities must refer. 

Participants act in accordance with the principles of the House of Helsinki.

The principles guiding the activities of the organisation are:

House of Helsinki Ry, Board of Directors

1 Equality and respect.

Respect for equality and equality of esteem. I treat all people equally and with equal dignity, regardless of their gender, age, ethnic or national origin, nationality, language, religion or belief, opinion, disability, health, sexual orientation or any other personal reason.

  • I work within the framework of the Equality and Non-Discrimination Act.

  • I promote equality and humanity through my activities.

  • I will not encourage violence, hate speech or discrimination.

  • I listen to the needs of those who need support and I am present.

2 Openness and accountability

I act openly, sharing the information available to me with others. I act responsibly and do not abuse my role as a volunteer for the organisation. I take care of the organisation's assets and use them only for the agreed purpose.

  • I will not participate in the handling or resolution of any matter where my private interest may conflict with the interests of the organisation.

  • I share my knowledge and expertise with others.

  • I will take care of the safety of those involved.

  • I will keep my promises and ensure that any problems or errors are corrected quickly and transparently.

  • I respect the privacy of people receiving help or support and other people involved in the activity; I treat information gathered in the activity with care and respect for people.

  • I recognise my particular responsibility when working with children and young people or people with special needs.

3 Adressing abuse

Openness and honesty are prerequisites for the financial, social and ethical sustainability of House of Helsinki Ry. Those involved are committed to these ethical principles and it is important that any potential abuses are dealt with swiftly and decisively. Reporting abuse is the right and duty of every House Of Helsinki participant and must not result in negative consequences for the reporter.

  • If I discover any abuse, I will immediately report it to the organisation responsible for the proper handling of the report.

  • I will use the tools provided by HOH only for activities in accordance with the principles of the organisation.

  • When I participate in the activities of the HOH Association, I will not express opinions that are contrary to its ethical principles.


If you have any questions or suggestions for developing these contact our Board by email. 

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