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Privacy Policy 

Last Updated 11.03.2022

1. What this privacy policy covers

House of Helsinki Ry is committed to protecting your personal information and being transparent about what information we hold, whether you are a volunteer, support receiver or donor.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy ('Policy') is to give you a clear explanation about how House of Helsinki collects and uses the personal information (or personal data) you provide to us and that we collect, whether online, via phone, email, in letters or in any other correspondence.

Developing a better understanding of our supporters and the recipients of our support through their personal information allows us to fundraise and act more efficiently, which ultimately helps support our vision.

We ensure that we use your personal information in accordance with the law. This Policy explains:

  • What information House of Helsinki Ry may collect about you;

  • How we will use that information;

  • Whether we disclose your details to anyone else;

  • Your choices regarding the information you provide to us.

2. Changes to this privacy policy

The Policy may change from time to time. Please visit this website section periodically in order to keep up to date with the changes in our Policy.

3. What data we may collect

When you contact House of Helsinki to become a volunteer, support one of our projects financially or sign up to receive support from us, we may receive and retain personal information about you. Depending on the nature of your inquiry and support, this information may include:

3.1 Information that may be collected of all data subjects

  • First and last names

  • Contact data (email address, telephone number and/or postal address)

  • When your data was entered into the filing system

  • Communication data - between you and us, including email communication, or comments posted on our website, blog and social media platforms

  • Digital information (user data) - data collected when you visit our website

3.2 Volunteers

If you’re expressing your interest as a volunteer or while acting as a volunteer, House of Helsinki may collect the following data in addition to the list in point 3.1:

  • Language skills

  • Only with your absolute consent, pictures of you volunteering and/or attending our trainings, workshops and other events

3.3 Business Donors

In addition to the list in point 3.1, we may collect the following data from business donors:

  • Title and/or job description of the person contacting us on behalf of the business

  • Business contact details (name, address, email, phone number, business registration information)

3.4 Support receivers

If you’re receiving support from us via one of our projects, we may collect the following data in addition to the list in point 3.1:

  • Personal data (date of birth, location, gender, nationality)

4. How we collect your data

We may collect personal data from volunteers, donors and recipients in a number of ways, including:

4.1 Sources applicable to all data subjects

  • personal data collected indirectly when you use our website

  • personal data provided by you when you participate in programmes and complete evaluation forms

  • personal data provided by you when you engage in our online tools, such as Notion or Slack

4.2 Volunteers

  • personal data provided by you when you share your contact details with us to register your interest in volunteering

  • personal data provided by you when you give consent to become an official volunteer at House of Helsinki

4.3 Private and business donors

  • personal and/or business data provided by you when you express your interest

  • personal and/or business data when you make a donation

4.4 Support receivers

  • personal data collected by House of Helsinki to provide you with services as a recipient of our support

  • personal data collected while providing support

5. How House of Helsinki processes your data

We may process data for the following purposes:

5.1 Purposes applicable to all data subjects:

  • to monitor and evaluate our impact and improve our programmes

  • after aggregation and anonymisation, to demonstrate the impact of our programmes to stakeholders

  • only ever with your unambiguous and explicit consent, in marketing materials

  • to understand how you use and engage with our website

5.2 Volunteers

  • to inform you when volunteering applications for our programmes open

  • to contact you to discuss the programme

  • to monitor interest in volunteering on our programmes

  • to ensure a commitment to diversity and inclusion of our volunteers, to reflect the diversity of participants

  • to enable participants to have tailored support

  • to communicate programme information and updates with you before and during your volunteering

  • to introduce you to participants

  • Contact information of volunteers will be shared within the assigned team. 

5.3 Private and business donors

  • to inform you about new opportunities to support our work

  • to contact you to discuss your involvement in our work

5.4 Support receivers

  • to provide you with support

  • to organise the work of our volunteers

6. Lawful bases for processing your personal data

When we process your personal data we only do so when permitted by law. This includes:

Where the processing is necessary for our legitimate interests, only when your interests and rights do not override our interests (our interests include: monitoring interest in our programmes, enabling you to volunteer on our programmes, ensuring we target people most in need of our help, monitoring the impact of our programmes, generating interest in our programmes, and raising funds through fundraising activities)

When you have given explicit consent, such as checking a box on a form

For research purposes.

For equality of opportunity or treatment.

7. Sharing personal data

We never sell your data to anyone. We never share it, unless we are required by law or in ways that enable us to deliver our services. In the event that we do share it, we will take additional steps to protect your identity and personal data, such as anonymising it where possible and establishing data processing contracts with the receiving organisation. These circumstances may include:

  • External evaluators employed to help us evaluate our programmes

  • Consultants employed to work on our database

  • Any other circumstance where we are required to do so by law

8. International Transfers

Most of your personal data will be stored on servers inside the European Economic Area (EEA). There may be some instances where the servers we use are located outside of the EEA. In these instances, we will ensure that your data is only processed in countries that have adequate levels of protection or appropriate safeguards.

9. How long House of Helsinki retains your data

We only keep your personal data for as long as is necessary. This depends on the purposes of our processing. We determine how long we need to keep your personal data by considering the following:

  • Any regulatory requirements and any legal requirements

  • Our legitimate interests, including whether the data processing remains necessary for reporting, fundraising and promotional interests

  • Your rights and interests

  • The nature and sensitivity of your data

Where possible, we will anonymise your personal data so that it is no longer identifiable with you. In such cases, we may retain this data indefinitely.


10. Your rights under GDPR in respect of your personal data

10.1 You have the following rights under the GDPR in respect of the processing of your personal data:

  • Right to be informed (Art. 13 and 14 GDPR)

  • The right to access (Art. 15 GDPR)

  • The right to rectification (Art. 16 GDPR)

  • The right to be forgotten / the right to erasure (Art. 17 GDPR)

  • The right to restrict processing (Art. 18 GDPR)

  • The right to object processing (Art. 21 GDPR)

10.2 Using your rights

You may use all of your rights. Please write to us at to invoke your rights.

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