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Become a volunteer

Please note that our volunteer program is aimed at volunteers located within Finland.

After completing the form, a project coordinator will contact you.

The process of recruitment goes in following stages:


1) you fill in an application and specify your field of expertise and availability (you will find the application below);

2) we contact you and organise a meetup, there we discuss your expectations, interests and needs;

3) Onboarding. You will get access to onboarding on our website.

4)Trainings. We will provide you with training for specific volunteer roles.

5) Volunteering. Now you all set up and ready to work!

6) Support. We want to create a healthy work environment and be sure that our volunteers are safe and mindful. Helping others is a demanding work and we want to be sure that you are also taken care of.

Volunteer roles:

  • Title: Online Support Volunteer

Join our team as an Online Support Volunteer and make a meaningful impact right from your home.

Definition of the role:

An online support volunteer for Ukrainian refugees in Finland is a person who provides necessary information support to people who have fled war through a chat room on the House of Helsinki website.


  • Title: Offline Support Volunteer

Become an Offline Support Volunteer and contribute to our cause through hands-on, in-person activities.

Definition of the role:
A Support Person is a volunteer who provides practical assistance and support to Ukrainian refugees in Finland through offline, in-person interactions or online personal long-term assistance. These volunteers offer valuable aid by accompanying refugees to appointments, helping them navigate unfamiliar situations, and ensuring they feel welcomed and supported during their integration journey.

Benefits of being volunteer

  1. Skill Development: Volunteers have the chance to develop and enhance valuable skills. From leadership and teamwork to problem-solving and project management, volunteering offers a practical training ground for personal and professional growth.

  2. Leave a Lasting Impact: When you volunteer, you become an integral part of an organisation's mission. Your contributions can lead to positive change and leave a meaningful mark on the community or cause you care about.

  3. Expand Your Network: Volunteering introduces you to a diverse group of people who share your interests and values. These connections can lead to lifelong friendships, career opportunities, and a broader support network.

  4. Socialise and Connect: Volunteering is a fantastic way to meet like-minded individuals and foster a sense of belonging within your community. It provides an avenue for social interaction, helping combat feelings of isolation and loneliness.

  5. Implement Your Ideas: Volunteering empowers you to take initiative and bring your creative ideas to life. It's an opportunity to make a real difference by implementing innovative solutions to challenges within the organization or community.

By becoming a volunteer, you not only give your time and expertise but also receive a multitude of personal and professional benefits that can enrich your life in countless ways. Join us in making a positive impact and discovering the rewards of volunteering today!

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