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House of Helsinki:

For a Finland that thrives through diversity.

At House of Helsinki, we advocate for a society driven by two-way integration. We honour the richness of individual experiences, cultures and languages, and our vision is to create spaces that allow people from different backgrounds to connect and actively participate in society.

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Чат допомоги українцям у нижньому правому куті 🇺🇦

REFUFIN - Helping asylum seekers from Ukraine

The project provides counselling and support services to people living in Finland who have fled the war in Ukraine through trained volunteers.

We now have an open call for volunteers!

We are looking for volunteers who can chat with Ukrainians.

Refufin's Telegram channel provides Ukrainian asylum seekers with relevant information about the services available to them in Finland.
If you would like to share information about your services on our channel, please email with "Telegram ad" in the subject line.

Meet our Partners 
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