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Finnishness 2.0 - How Do We Define Finnishness? SuomiAreena in Pori

See you in Pori! Our chair person of House of Helsinki Artem Kuosti will be hosting a panel discussion that is facilitated by Familia Ry.

Topic of panel discussion:

The concept of Finnishness is diverse and owned by many. Finland has always been multicultural. We have had our own minorities for centuries. There has never been a single truth about Finnishness that everyone shares. The definition has changed according to who has been in power. The category of Finnishness needs to be expanded. We need an open discussion about who we Finns are. Who has the right to define someone else's identity? What is Finnishness? Who is Finnish?

Speakers: Hunderra Assefa (Suomen Muslimifoorumi ry), Päivi Majaniemi (Suomen Romaniyhdistys ry), Dora Puhakka (Jade yhteisö ry), Janina Waenthongkham (Mixed Finns ry).

Come and watch the debate on the stage in the City Hall courtyard!


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