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Image by Tapio Haaja

About House Of Helsinki 

Our Vision 

We make a difference by enabling people to leave their mark.

About House of Helsinki

House of Helsinki (HOH) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization based in Finland, established in 2019. HOH focuses on social and humanitarian work, supporting associations, communities, and organizations in implementing programs and projects by assembling a team of expert volunteers. 

Thanks to a steady influx of new volunteers, House of Helsinki is continually evolving. Members from all around the world, including translators, medical personnel, teachers, academics, artists, programmers, and others, contribute to the organization's growth. At House of Helsinki, the primary principle for all volunteers is "no stress", ensuring that each member can dedicate time to projects according to their individual schedules and availability.

Our Mission

We run agile projects  and support urgent matters by building a world-class team of expert volunteers. 

Our core activities

  • We offer the best-in-class volunteering experience that allows people to make a difference and get recognised

  • We are an agile non-profit organisation, ready to help when help is needed

  • We offer businesses ways to support and sponsor good causes directly

  • We are the voice of a new generation of change makers

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