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About House Of Helsinki 

Migrants 🤝 Finland

Established in 2019, House of Helsinki (HoH) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation based in Finland.


The organisation's purpose is to strengthen Finland's social sustainability by developing operational models that promote the social status, well-being, and participation of minorities.


Our Mission, Values and Activities

At House of Helsinki, we advocate for a society driven by two-way integration. We honour the richness of individual experiences, cultures and languages, and our vision is to create spaces that allow people from different backgrounds to connect and actively participate in society.

Our Values

Unconventional - Vocal - Safe - United

Our Core Activities

  • Development of Operational Models:  We strive to develop and innovate new operational models, programs, and projects that support the social status, well-being, and participation of minorities. These models can be disseminated and applied in various regions and communities.

  • Volunteering and Participation: We encourage individuals to participate in volunteering and active involvement in society. We organise events and programs for volunteers that provide opportunities to help and support minorities.

  • Collaboration with Partners: We collaborate closely with other organisations, authorities, and social actors. The goal is to achieve a shared vision and strengthen the effectiveness of actions.

  • Increasing Awareness: We aim to raise awareness in society about the challenges and needs of minorities. We organise information campaigns, seminars, and training sessions that help dispel prejudices and increase understanding of different cultures and backgrounds.

  • Influencing and Lobbying: We actively engage in influencing decision makers and seek to improve the status of minorities in society.

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