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Prime Minister Petteri Orpo's Dialogue on Inclusion, Daily Life and Well-being

Prime Minister Petteri Orpo and Chairperson of House of Helsinki Ry Artem Kuosti

November 14 marked an important step in the dialogue for an equal Finland when Artem Kuosti, Chairman of the Board of House of Helsinki, and other representatives of multicultural Finland participated in a time-out discussion organized by Prime Minister Petteri Orpo. This meeting not only provided a unique opportunity to get to know the Prime Minister but also opened the door to a deeper dialogue on Finland's current situation and future, with a particular focus on the themes of inclusion, daily life, and well-being.

The dialogue centered on the everyday experiences of Finns from foreign backgrounds, highlighting a wide range of perspectives and challenges. This debate was not just a hearing for the Prime Minister and organizations but rather a dialogue in which all participants were able to share their experiences and views as equally as possible. This approach underlined the importance of shared understanding and empathy in building an equal society.


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