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Active and Passive volunteering - Nikolay Gofman, REFUFIN Project Coordinator

There are two ways of volunteering in our REFUFIN project: active and passive. Both options play vital roles in the program, and most importantly take into account the needs of volunteers.

Active Volunteering: Make Your Mark Active volunteering is for those who seek to leverage the project's resources to make their contribution as impactful as possible. We provide resources to aid our volunteers in developing their skills. However, the essence of active volunteering lies in the volunteers' initiative to communicate their desires and needs. Those volunteers are proactive and they approach us with ideas on how they can use their skills to contribute. This dynamic creates a vibrant, collaborative environment that not only benefits our project but fosters personal growth among our volunteers.

REFUFIN team with volunteers

Passive Volunteering: Support at Your Own Pace On the other hand, passive volunteering holds a unique place in our hearts and project. We understand that not everyone has much free time due to commitments to work, studies, or personal life, yet still wish to help and contribute their skills and experience. This approach suits individuals who prefer to support our cause in a more “chill” manner, stepping in when specific needs arise without the requirement for a proactivity. Passive volunteers play a crucial role, ensuring the continuity of our services, even if they're not always in the limelight. Their contributions, though perhaps less visible, are equally vital to the needs of our project.

"Being a volunteer coordinator has taught me the immense value of listening, adapting, and supporting the unique journey of each volunteer. Whether through active or passive participation, every volunteer contributes to our mission. Together, let's make a world of difference." If you wish to join our team, fill the form become a volunteer here Nikolay, REFUFIN Project Coordinator


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