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Annual Report 2023

Read full Annual Report 2023 here Greetings from the chairperson - Artem Kuosti:

"The past year, 2023, has been highly meaningful and rewarding for our organization. It has been a time when the structures and strategies of our organization have been strengthened, albeit slowly but steadily. This developmental process has required exceptional commitment and effort from all parties involved, and we want to express our deep gratitude and pride for everyone's contributions. We are particularly proud of our employees' achievements in the areas of training, development of administrative structures, and volunteer recruitment. Their tireless work and innovative solutions have been fundamental to the sustainable growth and effective operation of our organization. Our employees have demonstrated exceptional professionalism and dedication, enabling us to implement new training programs, streamlining administrative processes and enthusiastic recruitment of new volunteers. The Refufin project has been a tangible example of how these efforts have borne fruit.

The success of the project and its positive impact on both volunteers and Ukrainians' daily lives have been possible only through commendable internal work and close collaboration. This has brought significant meaning and joy to all participants, reinforcing the sense of purpose that our work provides.

Looking forward to the future, we are excited and hopeful about what we can still achieve together. We believe that by continuing collaboration, developing innovations, and staying committed to our mission, we can overcome even greater obstacles and achieve new milestones."


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