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Safe transportation from Poland to Finland. 

The goal is to raise up to €10 000 for the transport of Ukrainians travelling to Finland and in need of assistance. 

Official fundraising number RA/2022/613

Fundraising is active from 12.04-11.07.2022
and is officially confirmed by Finnish Police.

Fundraising is limited to the territory of Finland.

Primarily the small fundraising became necessary when the need arose to help in purchasing plane tickets for Ukrainian refugees from Poland to Finland, who are unable to pay for their own travel independently. During the transport the meals and accommodation may require a little extra financial support.


Secondary use of funds:
To provide assistance to Ukrainians who have arrived in Finland by providing them with necessary household items, hygiene items and clothing.. 

Since the beginning of the war, we have helped 2500+ Ukrainians to travel safely to Finland.

We are constantly in touch with them and know their current needs.

We are able to target assistance to those who really need it.

We are working with independent drivers and transport companies who are taking relief supplies to Ukrainians in Poland, while bringing people to safety in Finland.

These transports are small-scale and sometimes the drivers themselves cannot raise enough money to cover fuel costs, for example, so we can help with the missing money if necessary.

The english text is a semantic translation of the original Finnish text.

The organisers of the fundraising: 

Darya Gulik 
Artem Kuosti 
Alexey Shumilin

Contact details of the organiser;
+358 44 9524013

Fundraising is organised with support of House Helsinki ry.

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