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REFUFIN: the project continues

Darya Gulik and Artem Kuosti: the project continues

REFUFIN, a project aimed at providing assistance and support to individuals fleeing war, has recently secured project funding for three years from STEA - Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations. This funding provides the project with a solid foundation for its activities and enables it to make significant progress in achieving its goals.

With two dedicated employees and well-established working structures, REFUFIN is now well-equipped to develop a framework for organized volunteering. This framework will be crucial in facilitating effective assistance and support to individuals who are fleeing from war through volunteering.

The funding secured by REFUFIN is a testament to the importance of its work and the dedication of its employees. With this support, the project is well-positioned to make a meaningful difference in the lives of refugees and to promote a more compassionate and inclusive society.


Project manager.

Darya Gulik: project manager

It is always inspiring to see individuals who are willing to go above and beyond to make a difference in the world. Darya Gulik is one such individual who has been providing independent aid to Ukrainians in need. Her dedication and hard work caught the attention of the Board of House of Helsinki Ry, who recognized her talents and offered her the opportunity to lead a new project.

Darya collaborated with the Board to develop a project concept that would address the needs of the Ukrainian community. Her ideas were innovative, practical, and thoughtful, reflecting her deep understanding of the challenges faced by those in need. The Board was impressed with her leadership and vision, and unanimously appointed her as Project Manager.


Project coordinator.

After a long and thorough recruiting process, we are thrilled to welcome Nikolay Gofman to the team.

Nikolay Gofman: project coordinator

It's worth noting that this person is not new to the project. In fact, he has been volunteering his time and expertise for over a year, and has been involved in handling all sorts of crises and setbacks that the project has faced. This experience has been invaluable, as he has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the project's success and a deep understanding of its goals and challenges.

Throughout the recruitment process, we interviewed many qualified candidates, but this individual stood out for their exceptional communication skills, dedication, and experience with the project. We were impressed by their innovative ideas, strategic thinking, and ability to work collaboratively with all stakeholders.

We are excited to have our new project coordinator on board and look forward to seeing the positive impact he will have on the project.


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