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REFUFIN's Steering Group

The REFUFIN Steering Group plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success and effective support of our project. 

The purpose of Steering Group

Comprising dedicated professionals with diverse expertise, the Steering Group focuses on the following key responsibilities:

Monitoring and Assessment: The Steering Group is responsible for closely monitoring the progress of REFUFIN's project activities. This includes reviewing regular reports and statistics to gauge the project's performance against its objectives. 

Mentoring and Guidance: Our Steering Group members provide invaluable guidance and mentorship to the project team. Their wealth of knowledge and experience is instrumental in steering the project in the right direction, ensuring that it remains aligned with our mission and goals.

General Support: Beyond their specific roles, the Steering Group offers comprehensive support to the project in a general capacity. They are champions of our cause and actively contribute to shaping the project's strategies and initiatives.


"We are immensely grateful for your continued support and the unwavering belief you have shown in our project."
- Refufin team

Meet Our Steering Group Members

  • Margarita Meg Sakilayan-Latvala
    Senior Lecturer at Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

  • Anni Susineva
    Director of Neighbouring Mothers│NICEHEARTS RY

  • Petra Pulli
    Network Coordinator│Vantaan kaupunki

  • Laura Musta
    ​Doctoral Researcher and Senior Planning Officer THL
    Member of THL's Expert Group for Cultural Diversity 

  • Liisa Kulta

  • Maria Tiilikkala
    Special Adviser, Organisation and Community Work​│Espoon kaupunki

  • Mari Saari
    Director, Head of Reception Centre Services│Luona Oy

Each member of our Steering Group brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, making them instrumental in guiding the REFUFIN project towards success. Their dedication to our mission is unwavering, and we are grateful for their contributions to our cause.

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