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Our Projects

Here you can find projects that were organised with the help of House of Helsinki RY in the last 3 years. 


House of Helsinki members are educated and experienced specialists in the field of in integration, social and healthcare. Due to the war in Ukraine, we have formed a team of 40 volunteers that coordinate Ukrainian refugees to travel from Poland to Finland. Our main objective is that Ukrainian asylum seekers arrive in Finland safely and that they are granted access to support networks which are already available in Finland.


The event took place in Helsinki from the 2 to the 12 of December 2019.

Moniviikko is an event where multiculturalism becomes visible and accessible to all.

The purpose of the event was to promote equality and the community in Helsinki. We wanted everyone to have the opportunity to further enrich Helsinki's multicultural identity. 


Look&run is an outdoors Quest game in Helsinki.

Look&run games take place every 2 weeks in Helsinki. A competitive team game involving solving riddles, finding locations, performing some funny and sometimes difficult tasks!

look and run logo-2.jpg

Carccia oli uusi irtokarkkien kotiintoimituspalvelu Tampereella.

Carccia syntyi selkeään tarpeeseen vuonna 2020: Tampereella on vaikeaa saada irtokarkit nopeasti kotiin kuljetettuina, ja koska ajat ovat kovat ja kauppojen irtokarkkihyllyt ammottavat tyhjyyttään, elämme me karkkihifistelijät vaikeita aikoja. Siispä otimme ohjat omiin käsiimme, ja hetkeä myöhemmin syntyi Carccia.

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