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These teams are supporting our permanent activities.

Each team consist of 3-10 trained volunteer specialists.

Each teams has its own traditions, meeting rituals and objectives.

Volunteer Experience Team

Team Leader: Brix Ziemann

The volunteer experience team is responsible for making volunteering as accessible, meaningful and rewarding as possible.

Communication Team

Team Leader: Darya Gulik

The communications team keeps internal and external stakeholders up to date on our work, projects and campaigns.

Evalutation & Monitoring Team


This team continuously monitors current developments that are relevant to House of Helsinki's main objectives as well as our own work in order to steer the organisation and its decision making.

Fundraising Team


The fundraising team is making sure that our projects and initiatives are funded and connected to the relevant resources.

Advocacy Team

Team Leader: Artem Kuosti

The advocacy team supports social causes that are relevant to our current projects and volunteers.

NGO2Business Team


This team is in charge of our relationships with businesses, from establishing a connection to nurturing our business partners, supporters and donors.

Project Management Team

Team Leader: Brix Ziemann

The team manages oversees all of our projects and keeps our project management framework and methodologies relevant and accessible.

Administration Team


Our admin wizards make sure that House of Helsinki operates on stable base by overlooking our finances, documents, systems and more.

Translation Team

Team Leader: Nikolai Gofmann

The team supports our main objective by making sure that our work is accessible to stakeholders speaking different languages.

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